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140 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory 2912


Phone: +61 411 395 289

What's on The Masjid

  • Aqeeda first if only people know! - Every monday between maghrib and Isah lectured by Imam Moaaz Abu Saad.
  • Girls youth gathering - every wednesday after maghrib - precious mulimah sisters.
  • Pillars of islam - Every Wednesday afer Isha - Lectured Br Imtaiz.
  • Quran recitaion class - Every Thursday between Maghrib and Isha - Br Hatem Saad.
  • High school boys youth gathering - Every friday between maghrib and Isha. 

CMC Committees

Executive Committee

Construction Sub-Committee

IT Sub-Committee

Mosque Operations Security and Event Management

Sisters Sub-Committee

Volunteers needed! Parking management (e.g. during busy times, events) If you are interested contact EC.


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