Job Description for Imam and Director of Education for Gungahlin Mosque

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Closing date: 2 May 2023

Job Title: Mosque Imam and Director of Education


Established in 2001, the Canberra Muslim Community Inc (CMC) is a large and influential not-for-profit community and religious organisation having a robust presence in the Australian Capital Territory. The CMC’s Gungahlin Mosque is the most vibrant ‘place of worship’ for Muslims in the Capital city of Australia, Canberra. Currently, the CMC has approximately 500 registered life members and 1500 general members. Over 1000 Musalliescongregate in Jum’ah prayer sessions every week in the Gungahlin Mosque. The CMC’s younger community members in particular, and even our growing community requires a lot of work and effort to help build a solid Muslim Australian community that works in social and religious harmony within an all-inclusive environment.The fact that CMC community members come from different ethnic backgrounds and follow different Fiqh Madhahibs makesa coin with two facets, opportunities and challenges, depending on how good the mosque leadership, including the Imam, is.

The Canberra Muslim Community Inc, (CMC) is looking for a full-time Imam and Director of Education for the Gungahlin Mosque. The focus of the position is to provide Islamic guidance and inspirationsto the Muslims community in accordance with the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and an understanding of the needs of the Australian Muslim communities. The appointee is expected to develop and manage an institution to foster Islamic and Quranic education for Muslims of all ages residing in Canberra and surrounding regions.

As an Imam, the appointee will provide social and spiritual leadership as set by example. He should have the courage to lead and guide the communityin the best possible way as guided by true Islamic values and beliefs. While staying apolitical and un-biased, the Imamwill work to earn the trust and confidence of the community. The Imam will work closely with the CMC Executive Committee as appropriate to help establishing the missions, visions and objectives of CMC andrepresenting Islam and Muslims to the wider Australian community. The Imam will report directly to the President of the CMC.

Selection criteria

Essential selection criteria:

Knowledge and education:

  • An educational qualification from arecognisedIslamic University or recognisedMadrassa/Institution with education equivalent to an Islamic university(A formal bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Sharia studies including Usool Al-Fiqh, Uloom Al-Hadith, Tajweed Al-Quran, Uloom Al Quran and any other areas of Islamic learning is preferable).
  • Memorised the whole Quran(an accredited Hafiz of the Quran with official Ijaza and Sanad is preferable).
  • Adequateknowledge of the Quran, Sunnah and Islamic Sharia based on the sound Fiqh Madhahib of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah and demonstrated ability to narrate and interpret the Quran and authentic Ahadith based on established authentic sources.


  • Experience of working as an Imam (including leading Taraweeh prayer).
  • Experience in leading a diverse Muslim community from different Fiqh Madhahib with social and religious harmony and cohesiveness.
  • Experience of developing and leading a formal or informal institution for teaching Quran and Islamic studies.
  • Experience in engaging with the wider non-Muslim communities.


  • Must hold and practice the beliefs of the mainstream Sunni school of Islamic thoughts (Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah) and known to be of upright Islamic character and integrity with impeccable moral and ethical standards.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English (both spoken and written).
  • Have Australian Citizenship or Australian Permanent Residency status.

Desirable selection criteria:

  • Understanding of, and experience in,advising on or providing with basic Islamic family and youth counselling services in crisis situations.Ability to organise counselling services and willing to undertake or pursue training as required.
  • Proactive involvement in Dawah activities and experience ofintroducing, teaching and explaining Islam to people of other faiths than Islam.
  • Other university level qualifications or training in areas other than Islamic studies such as communication (writing and speaking) and critical thinking.
  • Ability to communicate professionally in writing and orally with varies departments, organisations and individuals.
  • An understanding of fiqh al-aqaliyyat (fiqh for minority communities) and its application based on the views of leading Muslim scholars and institutions.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead or organisethe five daily prayers at the Mosque.
  • Deliver the JumuahKhutbah and lead Jumuahprayers (or occasionally arrange appropriate Islamic individual speakers to deliver Jumuah Khutbah and lead Jumuah prayers).
  • Represent the CMC in public forums, community meetings, events, seminars etc. as required in consultation with the President of CMC.
  • Lead and maintain 20 rakahsTaraweeh prayers and give short talk in between the Taraweeh prayers (or arrange appropriate individuals to lead Taraweeh prayers) in Ramadan (or arrange appropriate individuals to deliver).
  • Deliver and lead Eid Prayers and deliver Eid Khutbahs.
  • OrganiseDars/classes at the Mosque regularly. Invite prominent Islamic scholars from within and outside Australia to deliver lectures, seminars or workshops in consultation with the President of CMC.
  • Proactive involvement in any areas of Islamic education and Dawah in a Mosque, Islamic Centre, and /or Islamic school in Australia or overseas.
  • Run Islamic educational activities in the Mosque (e.g. Quran and Hadith classes, Seerah and Fiqh lessons, Arabic classes, Islamic studies courses, other Islamic topics of interests, short gatherings within the Mosque precincts.
  • Consult with and advise the Executive Committee and the members of the local Muslim community members on religious or related matters or issues as appropriate.
  • Be instrumental in developing and transforming the Gungahlin Mosque into ‘Centre of Excellence’ (will be articulated further later) in Islamic leaning and practices.
  • Provide basic Islamic family and youth counselling services and guidance and arrange specialist counselling services or appropriate referrals for community members in crisis as and when required.
  • Participate in the community activities that further good interfaith/intra-faith and public relations for Islam and Muslims.
  • Play an active role in Mosque open days and other Mosque-based social and religious activities.
  • Provide funeral services and guidance and assist the committee/volunteers with body preparation and burial as needed.
  • Officiate matrimonial services in accordance with Australian and Islamic law and offer pre-marital and marital counselling and conflict resolution.
  • Train and empower men and women in community to participate or lead religious programs and activities in the Mosque.
  • Arrange and supervise various physical activities/camps for the Muslim youth to impart Islamic knowledge and practices.
  • Play a positive role with the Executive Committee on fundraising efforts for the community and the Mosque as needed.
  • Provide consultation to the Executive Committee on religious matters, community issues, and Mosque activities as requested.
  • Visit community events, schools and other institutes representing the Mosque on a regular basis.
  • Any other duties the Employer/CMC may assign from time to time, within the boundaries of Shariah, allowing the skills, training, and experience.

Salary and benefits:

Competitive salary package depending on qualifications, training, skills, and experience.

Hours of work:

40 hours per week, including any other duties being assigned by the employer/CMC.

How to apply:

If you are interested and have the relevant professional qualifications, experience, skills and attributes for the Imam and Director of Education for Gungahlin Mosque position, please email the following documents to For further information, please contact Dr Masud Hasan, President, CMC on mobile phone: 0439797192. Closing date Tuesday, 2 May 2023.

  • A supporting statement of no more than four pages outlining experience and/or ability and addressing the selection criteria.
  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • Contact details of at least two referees, preferably from their most recent employers.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

If selected –a formal appointment for the position of Imam and Director of Education for Gungahlin Mosque is subject to satisfactory reference, background checking as appropriate, and a successful interview.


140 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory 2912


Phone: +61 411 395 289

What's on The Masjid

  • Aqeeda first if only people know! - Every monday between maghrib and Isah lectured by Imam Moaaz Abu Saad.
  • Girls youth gathering - every wednesday after maghrib - precious mulimah sisters.
  • Pillars of islam - Every Wednesday afer Isha - Lectured Br Imtaiz.
  • Quran recitaion class - Every Thursday between Maghrib and Isha - Br Hatem Saad.
  • High school boys youth gathering - Every friday between maghrib and Isha. 

CMC Committees

Executive Committee

Construction Sub-Committee

IT Sub-Committee

Mosque Operations Security and Event Management

Sisters Sub-Committee

Volunteers needed! Parking management (e.g. during busy times, events) If you are interested contact EC.


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