CMC president statement to Holy Spirit Perish church

Good morning. Thank you Father Mark and Alison for your kind invitation and opportunity to meet with our friends here at the Holy Spirit Perish.
I pay my respect to Ngunnawal people and their elders past and present, on whose land we meet this morning.
I greet you all with our Islamic greeting, Assalamualaikum wrt- Peace and blessings be upon you all.
All of our roots are same. We all come from our same father and mother-Adam and Eve.
All three monolithic religions- Judaism, Christianity and Islam comes from the same root- Abrahamic faith.
We thank all of our friends and neighbors for your sympathy and support that you have given us in the aftermath of Christchurch tragedy.
Thank you for your love, thank you for your flowers and thank you for your tears.
Terrorist atrocities carried out by terrorists in Sri Lanka were done not by religious people but by terrorists.
They are not Muslim and they don’t belong to islam.
Terrorism has no land, no religion and no boundaries.
We condemn all sorts of terrorism and violence.
We’re fortunate to live in our wonderful and multicultural Canberra with good friends and good neighbors. Let’s keep it that way.
Please visit us at our Gungahlin Mosque. It’s a place of worship just like any other place of worship.
Let’s get to know each other better and make this city of ours even a better place for all of us.