Canberra Muslim Community (CMC) Inc. Membership Form


  1. Signing this form means – you are agreeing to abide by the CMC Constitution and its obligation. Your identity may be disclosed by its limited form such as Name Only in our website or social media for record and/or regulatory reasons.
  2. Preferred method of communication is electronic which save the environment and provide less workload of the CMC. Mail communication can only be made with exceptional circumstances.
  3. CMC membership is available to all Muslims who are legal residents of Australia. However, voting rights are only limited to the residents of ACT and age 18 or overs with no records of criminal and/or misappropriations of private and public funds or forgeries under any court of Australia/worldwide.
  4. The General membership (yearly only) fee is $20 ($10 for Unemployed/Student/Concession Card Holder/Senior Citizen) which must be paid before 1st July of the financial year for the membership of that financial year. For renewal, submission of this application is not required but the payment only.
  5. Life Membership fee is $1000 which is payable at any time. A minor or his/her Parents/Carer (on behalf of a minor) can also apply for a Life Membership. However, he/she will not have any voting power and/or major decision making role in the CMC Inc. until reaching the age of 18.
  6. You may be required to provide proof of identities and eligibilities for granting/accepting the CMC membership, if required to.
  7. Please supply your payment confirmation to or
  8. Payment can be made via Direct Deposit to ANZ Bank

A/C Name: Canberra Muslim Community BSB: 012950
Account No.: 109547085. Please include your name in the 'Reference' field or Pay by Credit Card via Gungahlin Mosque website