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Congratulation CMC new Executive Committe.

Election Result

Abdul Bari
Vice President
Sohail Akbar
SM Shahidul Islam
Asst Secretary
Zain Scott
Faisal Ahmed
Executive Committee
Adrita Inam
Akramul Hoque
Ibrahim Bangura
MD Masud Hassan

CMC Ex president, Br Mainul and few Brothers attended the Holy Spirit Perish church on 9 June 2019. CMC president short statement...

Thank you Canberra. We've got a wonderful, harmonious and lovely community with people from all over and from all faiths living in harmony-let's keep it that way. Read more...


Hajj farewell will be Friday after Isha In Shaa Allah

Prayer time

Fajr Iqamah time at 6:10am from friday insha'Allah