Talented Muslim Community Competition

Theme: The Virtue of Ramadan or related to holy Ramadan

50$ gift for best 10 videos

Send high quality video to Br Faizan (WhatsApp: +61 490 135 282)  

High quality video    

Video duration 1 minute | Age up to 18      

Last day to submit your video 1st day of Ramadan


Quran memorisation competition

The rules of participation are:

1.    The participation is for both boys and girls

2.    No age limit

3.    If the participant is younger than 12 years old, he/she must  be accompanied by a guardian during the competition.

4.    Last day for registration is 1st of Ramadan

To register for the competition, please submit the form at http://gungahlinmosque.org.au/Competition

Hadith competition

Book: The 40 Hadith of Imam al-Nawawi


3 categories (Memorise Hadith in Arabic & English): 

1. Memorise 5 hadith

2. Memorise 10 hadith

3. Memorise 15 hadith

Registration now: gungahlinmosque.org.au/competition

Itikaf on 6 March night at Masjig

From SATURDAY March 6 Isha to SUNDAY March 7 Fajir

Age: 12 years and over (Note: any child under 15 most be with his parents)

Who: Brothers & Sisters

Where: Gungahlin Masjid

Brothers and sisters are Welcome



Is your child praying Jumuah at School?

Is your child praying Jumuah at School?
Please fill this form and let Gungahlin Masjid organise Jumuah at School
Scan this QRCode

Online pledge form

To ensure our  Masjid is running smoothly and providing  the best service to the community,  CMC EC is urging everyone to contribute to the Masjid at regular basis.  Please register your commitment here :


Fundraising for a sustainable Gungahlin Masjid, Meet & Greet our new Imam

السلام عليكم

Great news & opportunity for you all to be part of continuous development of Gungahlin Masjid. Please meet and greet our new Imam Sheikh Haafiz Moaaz Alhawari on Friday 29 January 2021 from Maghrib at Gungahlin Masjid. Amongst many other operational and capital expenses, your Masjid is planned for an expansion with a front side pergola to accommodate overflow Musallees during Jumuah, Taraweeh, and Eid prayers. Please attend with families and friends.

Jummah prayer Update

Assalamu Alaikum

Effective Friday 25 December 2030, following arrangements are in place for Jumuah salat:
(1.) Upper floor space will be available to sisters only.
(2.) 1st session will be at 1pm (or soon thereafter) & 2nd session at 2pm
(3.) As previously advised, attendees are requested to scan the QR code upon entry.

CMC Executive Committee

Imam Recruitment Update

Executive Committee Updates

To read the full document, please download from here

Outcome of Gungahlin Masjid’s Imam Selection and Fund Raising Dinner for the GM in early 2021

Assalamu Alaikum

Please attend to this very important information session at Gungahlin Mosque. Please also pass this out to your friends and families to attend.

Topic: Outcome of Gungahlin Masjid’s Imam Selection and Fund Raising Dinner for the GM in early 2021

When: Friday, 18th December 2020

Time: Between Maghreb and Esha

Where: At the Masjid



140 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory 2912

Email: info@gungahlinmosque.org.au

Phone: +61 417 245 989

CMC Committees

Executive Committee

Construction Sub-Committee

IT Sub-Committee

Mosque Operations Security and Event Management

Sisters Sub-Committee

Volunteers needed! Parking management (e.g. during busy times, events) If you are interested contact EC.


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